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Francesca Jane Aldridge

BSc, MSTAT, OCN accreditation

Some of the events that led to my becoming an Alexander Technique Teacher ...........

Year Event


I was named Francesca and then called Jenny. This confuses a lot of people.


I graduated from Sussex University with a degree in Mathematics, with a side helping of Experimental Psychology.


I worked with computers, sitting hunched at a desk while engrossed in the work.

1980 ish

Fell down stairs, hurt my back, hobbled about, tried various things, a friend recommended Alexander Technique as a last resort. I stopped hobbling!


I had a baby, didn't sleep for two years, realised my back was hurting again, and went back to the Alexander Technique as a first resort!


Back to work with computers, stressed, developing RSI and back pain again.


Another course of Alexander Technique, realising that what I really wanted to do was to to understand how it helped me, and to help others.

2005 - 2007

I trained at the Alexander Technique College of Sussex, becoming a qualified teacher registered with the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) at the end of 2007, and gaining OCN accreditation in Alexander Technique.


I teach privately from my home in central Brighton. In September 2013 I became the Assistant Director at the Brighton Alexander Technique College, training new AT teachers.

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